After studying and gaining experience working as an animal behaviourist and trainer the founder of Pawticulars, Ceri, decided to return to a previous ambition and desire of becoming an animal groomer with a different view.

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Previously working as a manager of a busy kennels, Ceri has come across many different breeds along the way. She is now City and Guilds qualified in dog grooming but uses her experience of behaviour and training to recognise how to settle and relax the animal in an otherwise potentially stressful environment. By obtaining a Postgraduate certificate in Clinical Animal Behaviour from the University of Lincoln and putting this into everyday situations, it has allowed us to explore the cause of a wide portfolio of behaviours in an in depth manner with the aim of helping the animal and owner work together in harmony.

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Pawticulars main aim is to treat each animal as an individual and provide them with an enjoyable experience to the best of our ability whilst catering for their needs and also the owners’ desires.


In recent months Ceri has become a member of the International Professional Groomers association who are the body who certify International Certified Master Groomers. As apart of this journey there are a code of ethics to be followed where your dog and its welfare has to come first along with many other important ethics. Ceri has begun her journey to hopefully become an International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG), completing 6 exams currently with the following results: Certified Salon Professional Written (96%), Certified Salon Professional Practical (97%) meaning that Ceri is now a Certified Salon Professional. She has also taken her Mixed breed practical (98%) and written (100%). The next stage is breed specific exams and Ceri has achieved her Terrier practical (91%) and Gundog practical (92%) continuing with great results.  She will continue to work towards becoming a Master Groomer over the next couple of years, constantly striving to become a better groomer to make your dogs look the best they can.


Ellie & Merlo

As a part of our small team there is also Ellie who has now been working at Pawticulars for over 3 years now as a Canine Stylist. During this time she has groomed a variety of dogs from Yorkshire terriers all the way through to Leonbergers. Some examples of her recent work is pictured below.

Ellie is always expanding her knowledge of the breeds and grooming by attending seminars, workshops and shows. She also regularly trains and improves her dog handling skills with the local dog agility group with her Cavapoo, Merlo where she is very successful especially on competition nights.

At Pawticulars we pride ourselves in not being a chain groomer, where your dog is passed from one person to the next for different stages of the groom, but we offer a one to one service where your dog is welcomed and looked after by one person throughout the groom. We also try, where possible to keep you with the same groomer so that you and your dogs get a consistent service.


Styled by Ellie

Our final member of our staff who is actively styling dogs is Sarah. Sarah has been working at Pawticulars for over 2 years now. She came on board as a dog grooming assistant prepping dogs for both Ellie and Ceri, but this was done alongside her completing her Grooming qualifications. We are now proud to say she is fully qualified gaining a Level 3 Diploma in Dog grooming. Upon completing her qualifications she has undergone in-house training and has since been promoted to Canine Stylist, meaning she is available to groom your dogs. Currently she is providing very good grooms for many breeds and is looking forward to expanding her customer base and the variety of breeds being groomed. At the moment Sarah works Thursday and Fridays only so if you would like an appointment with her please bear this in mind.

Pawticulars also has a retail area which is constantly expanding, supplying owners with everyday essentials and a variety of products not just for the animal but for the owner as well. Lets face it we all love to treat our animals and ourselves. We do have the ability to order a wide range of products in, so if you do not see it in store please ask and we will try our best to obtain it for you.