Below are some of the most frequently asked questions ……if your question is not below please call the shop on 01394 548384 or email


  • Do I need to bring anything?

Only yourself and your dog. Please make sure your dog is on a lead when entering the shop. If your dog requires any special shampoo ie veterinary prescribed then please bring this with you. Please allow time on your first visit to fill in a customer card asking for contact details, along with health and behaviour questions about your dog. If you have a specific style you have seen please bring a photo.


  • How long do I leave my dog with you for?

Dependent upon your dogs breed, size, coat condition, and behaviour will determine how long they are with us. The average visit is between 1 ½ to 2 hours. Your first visit 2 hours is normally allocated so that I can take my time and allow your dog to settle in. Larger breeds will take considerably longer. I will give you an estimated collection time when you drop your dog off but if this varies I will give you a call.


  • Will my dog be caged?

No! There are no cages on our premises. There are 3 large pens if required but these are rarely used. As the grooming area is sectioned away from the shop with secure gates if the dogs are finished early they can have a play on the floor. You may often find me sitting on the floor with them playing or cuddling them.


  • When can I flea my dog before or after its groom?

It is advised to wait at least 72 hours before or after their groom so that the treatment is effective.


  • What payment method do you take?

Card or cash payments are accepted. We cannot accept Cheques and do not provide credit on account. Payment is made at the end of their groom. Please be prepared that an additional charge will be made if your dog is matted – due to the damage it causes to my equipment.


  • I’m not sure what style I want for my dog?

No problem, I will spend time with you before grooming your dog, asking lots of questions about what your requirements are and relate it to your lifestyle. It may take a couple of visits to get the right style for you and your dog so please if you want anything different let me know.