Good news, Ceri is back to work this month! There will be appointments available with her on Mondays and Wednesdays (subject to childcare). These appointments are expected to go very quickly so we are recommending you book until the end of the year, not just with Ceri but also Ellie and Sarah. If you were customers of Ceris and would like to switch back to her, we will not be offended just give us a call and we can arrange this for you. This will also help ease the pressure off Ellie and Sarah slightly.

As we are struggling with demand we are unfortunately still not able to take on any new customers. We hate disappointing people but we will keep reevaluating this over the coming months.

Many of you have noticed we are no longer on Facebook, although the page appears to be present you cannot gain access to it. Unfortunately we were subject to a very large scam on there and now cannot risk it happening again. I am looking into other means of communications for yourself but I’m afraid for the time being it will be phone calls only. Emails are not currently being checked regularly as they are only received by Ceri, so it is not a reliable communication method at the moment. Please if you cannot get through on the phone keep trying as we are just incredibly busy or the shop maybe closed for days off or holiday.

Thank you for your continued support and custom, and please think ahead about your dogs Christmas appointments (sorry)